i'm the vice president of chocolate! (illeatchu) wrote in aqua_team,
i'm the vice president of chocolate!


Name: illeatchu
Age: 18
Favorite Episode: remooned, the last one, total recarl or handbanana
Favorite Character: carl and igignort (totally spelt that wrong but whatever...) or uncle cliff
Favorite Quote:
gnignokt: Observe Err: the digital nards. The principal will resent his nards being presented in such a crude manner.
Err: You're not painting in no school. That's a damn rock.
Ignignokt: Well..
Err: And I like to rock. (singing) I will rock your face!!
Ignignokt: We are bored.
Err: Damn, I'm bored.
err:"Hey lets go see your uncle Cliff."
Ignignokt: cliff is a roofer.
Err:"We can f with him all day!"
Ignignokt:"Cliff is highly confused, lets challenge his shattered view of the world.."
*Both of them walk over to Cliff*
Ignignokt:"Hey Cliff...... boo."
Err:"Is he alright?"
Ignignokt:"Cliff hasn't been... alright.. since the lunar war."
Err: (Bothers Cliff)
Ignignokt: That's enough, Err. Look.
Err: What the eff is that?
Ignignokt: It's Cliff's check from the government for being Crazy.
Err: Holy damn! Look at that.
Ignignokt: Come. We shall acquire it without permission from Cliff.
Err: We must steal it!
Ignignokt: And blow it over there...

How long have you been watching ATHF?: year or 2
Any other info: i've made ATHF icons
9 home movies, 1 shin chan, 8 aqua teen preview: comment if you use them please :3
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