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"You can't just be born a highlander..."

Name: Elizabeth
Age: Eighteen.
Favorite Episode: Dumber Dolls, Video Ouija, The Shaving, Revenge Of The Trees
Favorite Character: Meatwad <3
Favorite Quote: "We're grillin' tonight!" I say that basically every day of my life. And "Arise chicken!". I just say these phrases in every day conversation. For no reason.
How long have you been watching ATHF? A little over a year.
Any other info: Well, I'm new to LJ...kind of. I just got a new account. Soooo yeah, I have no friends. It's all very sad. Andddddd. If you drink alcohol, I recommend seeing the ATHF movie wasted. It's a completely different experience. Thankfully, I was sober the first time I saw it. <3
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